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The Giants Declined The 5th Year Option On Daniel Jones, Which Means He Will Be A Free Agent After This Season (Or The Giants Are Going To Franchise Him After He Balls The Fuck Out)

I'm sure there will the typical negative nancy New Yorkers that will take umbrage with my headline but they can umbrage deez nuts because today is draft day and all about positive vibes. In fact, Joe Schoen announcing this move 8 hours before the draft in order to make teams think the Giants could go QB at 5 or 7 only makes me fall more in love with his handsome ass.

Despite all that and me being the President of the Daniel Jones Hype Group, even I can admit that there is no way in hell you could pick up a $22 million option for a QB based on these numbers his first three seasons.

via Pro Football Reference

However as the President of the Daniel Jones Hype Group, I will have you look at those numbers DJ's rookie year when he had someone with a hint of how modern offenses worked in charge of offense before things fell off a cliff the last two seasons along with a neck injury that a carpenter scooped from every single NFL insider and Giants beat writer. If Brian Daboll can work whatever dark magic he used on Josh Allen and make it work with our Vanilla Vick, keep our sneaky decent weapons healthy and give Danny some time to throw behind an offensive line that isn't utter shit once it is (God willing after tonight) bookended by two Top 5 tackles, there's a chance Daniel Jones will be the guy we thought he could be after 2019 or even last season's Saints game.

Or everything goes to shit before Halloween again, Giants fans spend the last two months of the year watching highlights of whatever QBs are projected to go first round of the draft, and all the other beats we have grown used to at this point. But as the optimistic (or as ome would say, idiotic) Giants fan around these parts, I am choosing to believe that Danny is going to crush now that he has someone with a brain calling the plays. If that means the Giants have to franchise their franchise for $30 million next season instead of $22 million, so be it. That's one of those good problems, which is something Marlo Stanfield said so you know it's true.