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The Last Piece For Indiana Basketball's Next Perfect Season

Indiana basketball is keeping the band together next season … so far, while adding a few young studs to the mix. Of all the news of recruits committing and players returning to the program, nothing made me crimson & cream my pants more than Jordan Geronimo confirming he'll be back for another season with the Hoosiers. Even MORE than the potential return of Trayce Jackson-Davis. It sounds crazy to not be most excited about a pre-season All-American returning, but I'm fascinated with Geronimo's potential. 

June 1st is the last day TJD has to decide if he wants to remain in the NBA Draft. He's looking at the late 2nd Round or going undrafted unless he can develop a mid-range game. TJD showed signs of a jumper against Illinois in the Big 10 Tourney by draining a clutch bucket from the FT line. Why not come back to Indiana where you'll get to play and work on your skills instead of ride the bench in the NBA? You already have all the $ you need off NIL deals. The good thing is, there is no way TJD can develop his mid-range game quickly enough to move up boards … 

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Devastating jumper. I'm happy with where the Hoosiers are at if TJD doesn't return, but holy shit does the future obviously look even brighter if he does.