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We Had A Bench Clearing Brawl In The Mets-Cardinals Game, Complete With The Bullpens Emptying, After More Hit By Pitch Shenanigans Took Place In St. Louis

So after being hit by a pitch 19 times in 20 games(!!!), shit finally boiled over for the Mets. Granted it was due to a Mets opponent taking exception to a message pitch being a little too high, even though that was closer to chest music than chin music. 

Nonetheless, we had a brawl that I would give 3.5 Balls because anytime the benches completely clear, there is a primal feeling of violence in the air that usually just turns into guys holding each other back. In fact, the only reason this """brawl""" got over 3 Balls on my scale is because I'm a sucker for when the bullpen comes running into the fracas after like 5 seconds of sprinting and this Cardinals reliever nailed his entrance.

While the most action I could see was my guy Tomas Nido getting shoved aside by that hothead Nolan and Stubby Clapp pulling this horeshit move from behind on an opposing player.

I love that Pete answered in meatball Pete fashion and saying he could put a guy in the hospital.

Now what spurred this purpose pitch that got poor Nolan all upset? A Met getting hit by a pitch of course! Not only that, but it looks like JD Davis may have actually gotten injured.

As usual, Ronnie nailed it on the broadcast when he said how bad of a miss it was on a 3-2 pitch. Which is the biggest thing in this entire matter. I just wrote an entire blog about Chris Bassitt killing Major League Baseball for having their heads up their asses when it comes to the most important piece of equipment in their sport being impossible for pitchers to control because of the outright abuse of foreign substances by pitchers to make their Spin Rates go brrrrrr.

So while Mets and Cardinals fans are arguing about intent, pitch count, and location of pitches that are leading to injuries and brawls, Major League Baseball is still sitting with their thumb in their ass as they count their money with their other hand. Truly remarkable stuff by Rob Manfred and company. Can't wait to see who the Mets fight next as their quest to win a World Series and/or set the record for times hit by a pitch continues.

Anyway, we're on to Philadelphia. LFGM. God damn does it feel good to be 6-0 in series. I am talking baseball with some gentlemen and Smitty live on Twitch right now.