Two Years No Alcohol Today!

I had no idea that April 27th of 2020 would be a day that would change my life forever. 

In early March, I was let go after four years as afternoon sports radio host of 100.7 FM The Ticket in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana. Other than Mixin' It Up With MIntz, the station had no momentum and the GM made a bonehead decision to switch it to soft rock. (He was fired 6 months later)

The Covid pandemic hit two days later. I knew my time was up in Shreveport so I decided to go back to my old hometown of Oxford, Mississippi to play online poker for a few months and lay low. 

Playboy Marty came to visit me in April and we got a YouTube channel going. We were getting bombed every night and I was gaining some weight. With Covid hitting overweight people harder, I decided to use the time to work on my health.

I made the resolution on April 27th to quit drinking for 3 months. This was my first long break from alcohol in almost 20 years. I started dropping weight almost immediately. 

Six weeks in, I felt a huge brain fog start to lift. I felt mentally sharp like I was as a nerdy kid when I was like Rainman remembering statistics.

In early July, I got hired by 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge to be Jimmy Ott's co-host. I laid the law down on radio immediately in the huge drinking culture of South Louisiana for people to not buy me drinks. Life was still going so well when the 3 months hit on July 27th that I decided to keep it going. 

Then lightning hit in early October when this video went viral of me yelling the Hotty Toddy after Ole Miss beat Kentucky in OT that got me hired by Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports.

When I went from unemployed in Oxford to ESPN Baton Rouge to a Barstool Sports employee in New York in less than 6 months after stopping drinking, I decided it was a sign from the man above that I no longer drink alcohol. And 18 months later, I could not be happier about my decision. I am almost 39 years old now and this is keeping me feeling young. I would be facing so many more health problems aging if I had kept it up. 

I wrote this blog on the one year anniversary.

One year later, I am still thrilled with the decision. I still have such a long way to go in life but I feel amazing. I have tons of energy everyday and exercise 3-5 times a week lifting weights and running. The no alcohol is the secret to how I am able to be everywhere all at once galavanting around the South for Barstool as Dave Portnoy likes to say. While I have dropped a good bit of weight, I definitely would like to lose more but no one is perfect. I am def on the right track and am not going to beat myself up mentally. I still need to improve my diet on the road tho. 

Do I still miss a glass of wine at a nice dinner? Sure I do... but personal growth comes with sacrifice.  And my life has NEVER been better than it is right now!

I want to thank everyone at Barstool Sports for being supportive of me. The support system here has been fantastic and not once have I felt uncomfortable.

Also a huge thank you to my Ole Miss friend Tyler Torbett and Shreveport friend Cassidy King who have been my rocks through the entire journey. There's no shot I would be here without these guys. Tyler was about 9 months ahead of me on this journey and I have followed his lead. He was the first phone call I got this morning too. I am very grateful to have friends like these in my life.

Time to go jog a 5k!

Don't be afraid to buy a new Barstool New Orleans T-shirt.