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Doc Rivers Would Like You To Know He Takes Responsibility For Blowing 3-1 Leads By Going On A Rant About How It's Basically Not His Fault

The Doc Rivers clowning always has me in a weird spot. By law, I am forever grateful for what he did for my life in 2008. That will never change. Maybe you think anyone could have coached that team to a title but I disagree. Doc was the perfect guy for that team and the egos that it had. At the same time, he was also in charge for 3 separate choke jobs where all the Celts needed to do was win an elimination game. First was against the Magic in 2009, then the 2010 Finals against the Lakers, and finally that whole 3-2 lead over the Heat in 2012-13. Towards the end of his tenure, things didn't exactly end well and once he left he officially became someone else's problem while the Celts began the Brad Stevens era. I don't think anyone at this point is upset at how things ended up shaking out.

So while I'll always be thankful for that 2008 run, I can't say I don't enjoy what's happened since. Doc wanted to bail on the Celts because he didn't want to rebuild and life hasn't exactly been peachy for him ever since. My favorite part is Doc can't help himself. You see, he takes responsibility for what's happened. Always, as he put it. Yet all we've seen him do is literally not take responsibility. He threw Simmons under the bus last year, in this very rant he goes on to explain why actually most of those 3-1 collapses weren't his fault to the point where he comes out and says that Magic roster was dogshit and he should actually be given credit. I LOVE that spinzone. They weren't dogshit when they built that 3-1 lead, but winning that 4th game? How could they be expected to do that given their talent level? Find the hole in that logic.

With the Clippers, well sure, that first one was bad, but Chris Paul was hurt. That's not Doc's fault. Again, they were good enough to build that 3-1 lead even with Paul missing/injured, but that's just too much to overcome when it comes to winning a 4th game. I'll give him credit, he did admit they blew that bubble series. He talked about how look, how could you expect them to win a Game 7 that wasn't on their home floor? It was the bubble's fault! What's missing from that rationale is the acknowledgement that the Clippers won both Games 3 and 4, both of which would have been in Denver if things were normal. Are we sure that happens if the Clippers have to go into the Mile High? So, the weirdness of the bubble didn't matter when it came to building that 3-1 lead, but did matter when it came to closing the deal. Again, that's some A+ logic right there folks! 

In my heart of hearts, I do not think the Sixers blow this 3-0 lead. My mind isn't ready to accept that something like that could actually be possible. Even with Embiid's injured thumb (weird how it only is an issue when he struggles and not when he hit a game winner!) and Harden being in witness protection, I think they pull it out. Whether that's in Game 6 or 7 is anyone's guess but I can't see a team actually blowing a 3-0 lead. Maybe ask me again if the Raptors win tomorrow, but that's where I stand right now.

I will say though, if someone would do it, Doc is at the top of the list. Part of me wants it to happen just to see who Doc blames next, because we ALL know it's not going to be himself.