Blac Chyna Allegedly Tried To Kill Rob Kardashian

There is so much is going on with the Blac Chyna vs the Kar-Jenner trial so lets get caught up...

Last week we ended with Kris Jenner testifying that Blac Chyna treated to Kill Kylie Jenner.

If you guys don't know, back in 2014, Tyga broke up with Blac Chyna and started dating Kylie close after. Kris explained that Chyna allegedly tried to harm Tyga with a knife and treated Kylies life.

Now earlier this week we are finding out from Kylie Jenner that blac Chyna also allegedly tried to kill Rob Kardashian. Kylie took the stand on Monday, April 25 testifying that back in December 2016 she remembers seeing Rob after he had a fight with Chyna and Chyna allegedly pulled a gun on him. Kylie said the Rob used the words, “she was trying to kill me.” Kylie also explained during the trial that Rob shared that Chyna allegedly went behind him and place an iPhone cord around his neck.

Kylie then opened up and explained that she did not take this to the police because she took it as an empty threat and that Tyga has expressed to her that Chyna had issues with drugs and alcohol. 

Corey gamble, Kris Jenners boyfriend is also testifying against Blac Chyna and claims that back in 2016 he walked in on an altercation between Chyna and Rob and saw Chyna punch rob, whip him with an iPhone cord and threaten to him as well. He told Rob after that this behavior from Chyna was not going to stop.


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