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Warzone Season 3 Update Went Live Today With A Ton Of Updates - Here's What You Need To Know

Warzone Season 3 dropped today at noon with an absurd amount of changes and updates. It seems like every single gun got nerfed or buffed in some way, we're also getting lootable perks and not every sniper will one-shot headshot at all ranges.

 This is the biggest change to Warzone by far, but the patch notes are confusing with their max damage range:

This is gonna be like every single Warzone update where you need to first play the game to truly see an understand all the changes that have been made. Certain snipers will be able to one shot headshot at any range like the AX50 and HDR, while the MW Kar98k will be capped with a certain max damage range for one shot headshots.

We're also getting a new POI known as "Dig Site" in between Mine and Ruins which appear to have Godzilla's bones…

The hottest drop in the game, Peak, will also be getting a new look. Reminds me of Verdansk Prison…

In Rebirth, players will no longer spawn with a Diamatti (massive W)

The Godzilla/King Kong event will be going live at Noon EST on May 11th.

#TeamKong stand up!