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Gamers Rejoice: Nintendo Switch Sports Is Finally Dropping This Friday, April 29th

Rejoice! Nintendo Switch Sports is dropping this Friday, April 29th and I couldn't be more excited. It's the long awaited sequel of the Wii Sports series, which made for some of the best party games of all time. There was nothing like bowling your first perfect game, playing tennis with friends or going for that first hole in one.

Wii Sports completely changed the game and got my lazy ass off the couch to enjoy gaming. It was a series that always felt ahead of its time and Wii Sports Resorts was a phenomenal addition to the series by adding in Basketball, Wakeboarding and Sword fighting.

Nintendo Switch Sports will launch with 6 Sports:

- Tennis

- Bowling

- Sword fighting

- Badminton

- Volleyball

- Soccer

Next week's Barstool Plays will be on the new Nintendo Switch Sports!

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