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I EASILY Won Our Movie Mega Draft Ft. Smokes, Rudy & Enrique

On the last episode of LCB, we talked news, did a review of 'The Northman' and did a big ole movie draft featuring a really random crew that I rounded up in the office. 

1. Parasite(100/100): Parasite is a perfect movie in my opinion. You get drama, suspense, beautiful camera work and impeccable acting performances. 

2. Superbad(99/100): If you ask me, it's the best and most complete comedy of '00-'10. Great actors and an incredible rate of laughs per minute. 

3. LOTR 3(100/100): The best of the trilogy and simply one of the most impressive fantasy epics ever made. I could watch it a trillion times and still get goosebumps at Theoden's speech. 

4. The Shining (97/100): I'd go to bat for The Shining as the greatest horror movie ever made. An all time performance by both Nicholson and Duvall, a great creepy kid performance and just some incredible twists and turns. 

5. Caddyshack(93/100): It was definitly a stretch taking this as a sports movie, but it's about a sport so why not! Chase and Murray are obviously incredible in this movie, but Rodman will always be the star to me. Side note, this draft reminded me how he has one of the greatest tombstones ever. 

You can listen to the full draft here with all the reasoning and details.