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John Kruk Has Landmark Night Of Broadcasting, Gets Possible Concussion During Mid-Game Hot Dog Toss

It was Dollar Dog Night at Citizen's Bank Park and needless to say, John Kruk was on a heater... 

It doesn't get more electric than that, folks. 

At second 00:12 if you look to the left of the Phanatic you can barely see Kruk hit his head on the corner of a dangling NBC Sports sign & mutter an "oghhhh God... I think I mighta gashed my head. That thing's sharp." 

You could tell he was in real pain and I was on the edge of my LaZBoy... what was he going to do next? Could he recover? Lo & behold, smooth as silk he places a hot dog hat over his injury. A consummate professional. Then in true old man fashion he continues to grumble about the injury, how it occurred and what sucks the most; having a concussion AND running out of hot dogs. People couldn't get enough.

I could add more & more Tweets singing his praises (he wound up trending because people were generally jazzed by his commentary all evening long) but you get the idea. And I think this goes to show fans are tired of the stuffy, clean-cut coverage (early in the regular season at least). Give me Kruk going on random stream-of-conscious rambles about his day during the 6th inning and I'd watch that over any other broadcast.  The way it went tonight, I think a lot of us would feel like our own dad was in the booth. And if you miss that you can at least catch him on Twitter.

In closing, I might be a little biased.. Growing up I didn't have any Phillies jerseys, but I loved John Kruk.. so for Halloween one year my dad had me shove some pillows in an oversized fan tee & then I had to tell people I was John Kruk. I've blocked how that went out of my mind, but I was certainly the only girl at the '94 Halloween parade dressed as such. He delighted me then & I'm glad to say he continues to delight me with the Phils now. Hope he's feelin' better soon.