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The Hot Ice Boys Are Back With The Hit Parade Parlay , The Hottest Bet In Sports

"My oh my, what a beautiful day for baseball " - Bob Murphy 

I grew up on that phrase as a kid hearing legendary Mets announcer say that to open his radio broadcasts and boy does it ring true. Baseball is fun, baseball is a past time, and as we touch on at the end of the episode today- baseball is a terrific bond for fathers and sons, fathers and grandsons. Additionally, baseball can be shared with fathers and daughters and fathers and mothers as well. It knows no limits. 

The Hit Parade took it's first loss last week and I'm here to tell you we aren't standing for losing streaks. It's time to get this bad boy back on track. Reminder-  tell your friends ... the unit count this year is +5.7 year to date with a 3-1 record. 

Love all three hitters tonight vs their pitching matchups. Love that two guys are in the same game (save that thumb strength on channel flipping), Love this bet. 

If you want a direct link in a live gambling state click here to take you right to The Hit Parade . 

The full episode of Hot Ice is below. We touch on : 

- the AL Central being a mud-pile of mediocrity and who you should be looking at to win that division as a sleeper

- Is Myles Straw enemy #1 in the Bronx 

- The crazy amount of unders this season and how much do bullpens have to do with that ? 

Our Cards : 

Happy gambling and enjoy the games !