World-Renowned Hero Guy Fieri Does A Massive Giveaway For His Crew After Every Episode Of Guy's Grocery Games


Guy Fieri gives away tons of cash to competing chefs on his Food Network show Guy's Grocery Games, but he also shares the love with his crew members.

On Sunday, chef and frequent GGG judge Rocco DiSpirito posted a sweet video on Instagram showing Fieri's "little team appreciation giveaway" at the end of every shoot day. In the clip of the generous tradition, the Guy's Grocery Games crew gathers around Fieri as he randomly selects a team member to win a gift.

DiSpirito, a former GGG champion himself, continued, "Some say it's the best part of the experience. @guyfieri pulls names out of a bowl and everything from @uber gift cards to 75" TV's are handed out. Always fun to watch this tradition."

Well! This made my fucking day. As an avid fan of Guy's Grocery Games, and when I say avid I mean avid, this was nothing short of beautiful to see. I've always been a huge Guy guy though once quarantine started and there were still new Guy's Grocery Game episodes coming out I quite literally got addicted and can confidently say that's what got me through quarantine. It was a VERY strict diet of Vodka, Call of Duty, and Guy's Grocery Games.

 Anyways when you're a fan of something it's always nice to see the behind-the-scenes of that stuff is going well. As you can see that's a MASSIVE crew and amazing to see them getting treated well by our king Fieri. Happy crew makes a better show. It all trickles down! Not too mention we also have to acknowledge Chef Rocco Dispirito's choice on the cover of Vienna for the musical touch here. Anytime you mix in some Joel with some Food Network it's going to make some smiles all around for everyone watching it.