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The Rams Dropping A Dramatic Video About 'Stealing The Draft' While Not Having A Pick Until Round 3 Is So Cocky We Have To Respect It

Credit where credit is due. This is how you promote the NFL Draft. Even funnier is the Rams not having a pick until Round 3. Sure, picks don't matter when you just won a Super Bowl. The first goal was achieved. The trades will be viewed as a win because they won the Super Bowl. That's the ultimate goal here. But a 3 minute video that reminds me of National Treasure and talking about stealing the draft is fucking hilarious. Even better is remembering this is where they are drafting from: 

I mean this is how you live. Get your ring, get a sick house to hang out in while seeing if you can somehow make more trades while you hang out until round 3 and drop a hilarious yet somehow awesome dramatic video. Credit to the Rams for making Stan Kroenke somehow even more villainous. It's truly an impressive feat to pull that off. 

And yeah let me clarify, I'm 100% jealous of the Rams right now. Of course I want the Giants to be good. I'd love if we had no picks if that meant we just won a Super Bowl. It's been too long since the Giants have been relevant and that's what's really chapping my ass. No matter what happens, the Rams are still going to be good this year. 

I hope the Rams just post videos like this every day including Day 1 of the Draft.