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Good For Bhad Bhabie Letting The World Know She's Made $50 Million Dollars On Only Fans & Yes You Read That Correctly

Holy FUCK people. I mean holy, holy, holy fuck!!! What else is there to say when Bhad Bhabie aka the Catch Me Outside Girl posts that she has made over 50 FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS in the past year on Only Fans. As the people's resident Only Fans journalist I, for one, am utterly shocked at this. I mean it was a massive deal when Corinna Kopf posted that she made $165,000 for one boob picture but this...this is otherworldly. This gives us a new meaning to just how much all our favorite queens on Only Fans are making and you simply have to respect it. I mean that's literally Patrick Mahomes money. She is making the same amount of money as the best player in the most popular sport in the country! Amazing stuff. Looks like a 60 yard TD pass ain't got nothing on a shower striptease.

So good for Bad Bhabie on getting that bag. As I've been saying over and over again Only Fans makes the world go 'round. Now I just need to figure out a way to get her on Only Stans so in the MINIMAL chance that you are reading this Bhad Bhabie the invitation is extended to you. Way to kill it, queen.