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The Hawks Never Stood A Chance The Moment Denzel Washington Made Fun Of Trae Young During A Pump-Up Speech To The Heat

I know Trae Young thrives on hate, but it's a different feeling when Denzel Washington is the one out here telling you to get a haircut and helping your opponent. This isn't a standard New York asshole chanting fuck you during the first round. This is a guy who White Sox Dave calls an average actor. Now he's out here inspiring Jimmy Butler and Bam and the rest of the Heat? Good luck. 

You can't tell me the man doesn't know anything about basketball either. Ever heard of He Got Game? 

Giphy Images.

I wouldn't want to piss that version of Denzel off. No sir. Easily a top-3 basketball movie too. Iconic soundtrack, iconic name with Jesus Shuttlesworth. Iconic threesome scene (I tried to find it, can't find it.), just an unbelievable movie all around. 

Back to the speech though, this was basically exactly what I assumed Denzel would do as a pump-up speech. Some inspirational shit before roasting one individual person. That person just happened to be Trae Young who is getting beat up this series. Shit, he even knows the defense is different this series. 

The Heat probably should have saved Denzel for the next round. You're up in the series as the 1 seed. Take care of business and then break out Denzel to help get to the ECF. Either way, I just know the Hawks are dead. 

Should have mixed in a Remember the Titans line or two Denzel.