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Draymond Will Simply Never Waste A Moment To Remind The World How Much He Despises Rudy Gobert

I think my favorite part about this all was this was tweeted at 10:07pm, the Jazz game tipped at 10. Draymond was so giddy to fire off a tweet about Rudy he didn't even wait to see if anything else was said. Just straight up going at him from the start, which isn't exactly shocking when you remember how much Draymond despises Rudy: 

Now to be fair to Rudy, the Jazz are getting their ass kicked everywhere during the game last night: 

I mean it got the point where the Mavs were using Boban like a walk-on during Senior Day

I said it last week and I'll say it again, I give Draymond credit for talking shit. We need more guys that are willing to speak their mind whether it's on Twitter or in press conferences. He was having a grand old time last night: 

Just straight up laughing at Scott Foster like the rest of us. That crying emoji was when Tatum fouled out, not during the Nets loss. But the fact people go right there makes it great for what Draymond can do. I know he's polarizing, but I like Draymond. He's actually great when he's with the TNT crew and on his podcast. The man is going to be in our lives for a long time. 

Still the meanest thing anyone did to Rudy Gobert was Shaq: