Sixers Blow Game 5 At Home And It's Officially Time To Be Worried

It's not about the Sixers only putting up a 88 points tonight (including not scoring for over 8 MINUTES in the 2nd quarter). Ignore the fact Embiid's thumb is about to fall off and Harden doesn't have his sea-legs anymore. Don't even mention losing two games in a row and getting embarrassed at home in a potential series close out Game 5 with the Raptors down starter/All-Star Fred VanVleet and Scottie Barnes banged up. Hey, shit happens. The Sixers still have a commanding lead in the series up 3-2 and shouldn't be worried. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Wrong. Be worried. Be very, very worried. Why? Because of this: 

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Glenn. Doc. Rivers. Confirmed Top 15 Coach in NBA History is potentially going to complete his Magnum Opus by finally blowing the first ever 3-0 playoff series lead in This League. For those new to reality, let me update you on a little playoff history from Mr. Rivers as a head coach in the NBA: 

2003: Magic vs. Pistons up 3-1

2009: Celtics vs Magic up 3-2

2010: Celtic vs Lakes up 3-2 in NBA Finals

2012: Celtics vs. Heat up 3-2 

2015: Clippers vs. Rockets up 3-1

2016: Clippers vs. Portland up 2-0

2020: Clippers vs. Nuggets up 3-1

Oh, and add in the Sixers vs the wildly less worthy Atlanta Hawks last season in the 2nd round with Philly being up 18 in Game 4 and leading 26 in the 3rd quarter of Game 5 - Which led to certified douchecanoes Tweeting out stuff like this: 

So you thought a 3-0 series lead over the short handed, beyond less talented Toronto Raptors was game, set, Eastern Conference Semis for the Sixers? HA. 


Two games left. I'd like to remain optimistic as the Sixers are still the more dominant squad, but then again I never, EVER envisioned this team would fall the way they did last year vs. the Hawks. Be prepared for hell. But hopefully let's take care of business in Toronto like in Game 3 (which really should've been a L). But if the Sixers should fall in Game 6, I shit you not, leave Doc in Canada. Seriously. 

Cue it. Or whatever.