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Potential TV Announcer Blockbuster Deal: Fox Is Reportedly Trying To Get Drew Brees From NBC To Call Games

[Post] - After just one season at NBC, it is possible Drew Brees could be on the move to Fox Sports, The Post has learned.

Fox’s No. 1 game analyst role continues to be unoccupied after Troy Aikman fled for ESPN and a five-year, $90 million contract. 

While Greg Olsen remains the leading in-house candidate to become Fox Sports’ No. 1 NFL game analyst, sources say that Brees is in the mix.   

I don't know why but reading hypothetical moves involving announcers like it's a massive trade is hilarious. There have been trades between networks before, but I still find it outrageous. I need to know how the negotiations go and if someone would be willing to trade for an announcer to be named later. Like hey, Jay Wright is now available to call college hoops games, Fox has the inside track we'll trade him if he signs. 

That said, this just shows that being a quarterback is awesome. It was always the cliche route in teen movies growing up but it's true. You get to be a quarterback and if you're decent (Brees was awesome obviously) you get a cushy job after. Look at some of the biggest names calling games. Romo, Aikman, Bradshaw, etc. You get hooked up being a quarterback. Probably should go that route if you're playing football, plus get to avoid getting hit since it's typically a penalty. Seems like win-win outside of being a kicker. 

It's not even just Fox apparently: 

In his first season at NBC, Brees grew to enjoy games more than the studio, according to sources. Amazon also likes Brees, which could create the possibility of him doing work on “Thursday Night Football” and then calling games for Fox on Sundays.

That's great and all. I'm happy for Brees and all that typical talk. But this can only happen if one thing comes back. Drew Brees to embrace being a bald: 

Embrace the lack of hair man. Who cares? It's 2022. A million people are bald. In fact you wear like it a badge of honor, including the first truly sunny day you forget to put sun screen on the dome and it gets a little burnt. That's a 3-year tradition for me now. Drew Brees should do the same. Maybe he'd already be the No. 1 over Collinsworth if he kept the balding look. 

I actually think we should have more trades. Yeah, this is still me begging Gus Johnson to be on the NCAA Tournament call. Can we get a CBS-Fox deal at some point? We can work it out. Maybe treat it like soccer where Gus gets loaned out in March. 

It actually would be fitting following the Brees career arc if he kills it at Fox. Actually, he needs 1 more stop that truly doesn't work out like the Dolphins. Some exec says he doesn't have the voice only to go to another network and have a Hall of Fame career.