Frankie Borrelli Will Die Of Old Age Before He Actually Completes This Trick Shot

Listen I'll be the last guy to actually shit on Frankie Borrelli. He's a certified lunatic for his teams, maintains an extremely close relationship with his father, pioneered the pizza review process and he plays a fuck ton of golf. For all intents and purposes it's very hard to talk shit about Frankie. His face and neck aren't even that fat and he's generally smiling, even when talking shit to you about categorizing John Daly beverages. So don't think I'm going to just open the floodgates now. 

That said though, Frankie is out of his fucking gourd if he thinks this can be accomplished. I would be flabbergasted YES FLABBERGASTED if a guy on the Hooters Tour made this. And I say that with no disrespect to Hooters, their golf tour or it's quality of competition. I mean that merely as a basis of comparison to emphasize the degree of difficulty. 

But then again credit to Frankie for even offering up a valid attempt. You can really appreciate the hand eye coordination that comes with years of (presumably) decent hockey. And we all know hockey players are the 3rd best athlete group at golf behind MLB starting pitchers and NFL special teamers. There's something about the mechanics behind a powerful one-timer that effortlessly transitions to golf. Traditionally ugly but generally effective. Hockey players are definitely fine golfers as a whole.

I just don't think that extends to Frankie here. Call me crazy but my guy will be knocking on death's door before he finds the bottom of the hole on this shot. 

At the very least, it's a nice gif. 

And even better is that any time you see someone bounce a golf ball off a club like this, it instantly takes you back to the greatest sports commercial of all time. No disrespect to Larry and Michael playing horse, or Tom Glavine and Maddux hitting long balls. Or even John Elway throwing a vortex into the moon's orbit. Pound for pound you absolutely cannot beat this commercial:

Such a good commercial that it ended up going viral before going viral was even a thing. If you were born before 1990 then there's a very good chance you remember this commercial coming out along with the ensuing failure of you trying to recreate it. Basically overnight, Tiger made bouncing the ball on your club the working symbol of someone who knows their way around a golf course. You see a good bouncer and you know he can work a solid draw. 

Anyways Rule #1 of trick shot life is don't commit to a shot you can' hit. Rule #2 is don't ever quit. 

Good luck to Frankie for however long he needs it.