Gerrit Cole Pitched So Well Yesterday That Buffoons Out There Are Convinced He Was Cheating

People are REACHING these days and it's honestly sad to see. We're inspecting and analyzing a man's ass just because it's incomprehensible for him to pitch well. A guy rubs his pants, strikes out 9 in 6.2 of shutout baseball, and he's automatically cheating. Gonna be real hard for these idiots to process the concept of rosin, dirt, and sweat but it's up to people with brains to educate the dumb I suppose. 

First of all do we not understand there's an umpire checking Cole's hand after every inning? How about an umpire standing behind him in the field? I love how this guy tweeting this and every leach agreeing with him thinks Cole is doing this secretly in the shadows. He also fails to realize when the game starts Cole's pants are perfectly clean. It's almost as if the balls are rubbed with mud and Cole wiping his hand on his pants causes them to get dirty over the course of the game. Oh wait that's exactly what happened. 

 Pitched so well people were convinced he was cheating again. Certainly good news if you're a Yankees fan. If you wanna go a step further and investigate the numbers, Cole's spin rates and movement were right on par with how he was throwing the first three starts. 

It's almost like he just gained back some confidence, relaxed out there, and didn't think too much. That and the Yankees gave him a healthy lead to play with. Yesterday was a step in the right direction for sure, but I need him to do this against good teams to feel any semblance of confidence with him on the mound. 

Now that we've settled that let's close the blog with a laugh as you watch Cole singing his ass off with some God Bless America. The thought of him sounding like Kermit normally but turning into Luciano Pavarotti when he sings is incredible.


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