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"You Stink And I Don't Like You!" - Phillies Fan Lets Angel Hernandez Have It As The Supervillain Drives Away With The Biggest Asshole Grin You Can Find

Look at that fucking smile. That's the smile of a mad man who knows he can get away with murder and continue to be the worse at a job than anyone else in the world. The smile of a man who goes to sleep every night thanking his lucky stars that the MLB umpires union is stronger than any force in the universe. He's untouchable and my god does he know it. You don't wanna give him important postseason games, well he'll just cry racial discrimination and then continue to be a one man wrecking crew anytime the spotlight arrives. He'll keep cashing checks while ruining the world and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. 

Now let's talk about the fan for a moment. I appreciate a passionate "you stink." When you scream it like this gentleman did it honestly plays better than "fuck you." To follow that up with an "I don't like you" was fantastic. Straight to the point and mean. Some real vitriol in that voice there and it's 100% warranted. For Philly though I expected some slashed tires or something. Props for growth?

Angel also has to be the world's worst driver right? Just no ability whatsoever to judge any abrupt situation. Imagine this prick trying to merge on a highway or handle a four way stop intersection. I wouldn't be shocked if Angel is secretly responsible for 50+ car wrecks that he doesn't even know happened. If you can't properly judge this being a ball..

Or this being a ball..

Or for heaven's sake this pitch being a ball…

Then how the hell can you be trusted to operate a motor vehicle killing machine at speeds of 60+ mph with countless other humans' lives at risk? Angel Hernandez should not be allowed to do anything that involves him thinking or making a judgement call. Prison feels like a good home for him and I'm sure every player in the game would agree.