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Hunter Dickinson Announces He Is Coming Back To Michigan For His Junior Year

(Clears throat)


This is awesome. I love Hunter Dickinson. Hunter Dickinson is excellent. And while I know he wasn’t high up on many draft boards, I honestly wondered if he had anything left to prove at Michigan. There was a period last year (in fact, it was often) in which Hunter Dickinson was Michigan’s only offense. But he seems to be killing it with NIL, and now he’s coming back to Michigan for another go of things. From a program standpoint, this is massive. Michigan will be keeping the man who has led them in scoring for each of the last two seasons.

Dickinson is the kind of player that opposing fans love to hate. And hey, I get it. Dickinson loves to talk that shit; he loves to have fun. I love it because, more often than not, he backs it up. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be able to stand him if I was an opposing fan, but I’m not, so I’m glad he’s back. Michigan basketball last season had some low points, and while they were able to break out of it once tournament time came around, the biggest reason was Dickinson’s production. He put up some monster numbers in the latter stages of last season to carry Michigan into the tournament and ultimately get them to the Sweet 16. If the spacing is good (which it wasn’t at points in 2022) and players like Frankie Collins and incoming freshman Jett Howard can develop the way Hunter has, Dickinson could have a Luka Garza in 2021 kind of season next year. I can’t wait to see him back next year.