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Oldham Soccer Fans Protest The Club's Owners By Storming The Field Causing Match To Be Suspended, Team Still Gets Relegated

I love these protests. I'm not saying I'm a protest guy or anything but there comes a time when you have to force out shitty owners in sports. I wish we were willing to do more of this in America. I mean I'll blog about James Dolan and Peter Angelos sucking ass but actual effort? That's where I'll struggle here. Oldham Athletic? They protest their dicks off.

And sure Oldham isn't a big name brand or anything, but they are a club that's been around for 115 years. They are now dropping to National League - the league that the team owned by Mac and Ryan Reynolds plays in - for the first time ever. I would be willing to say it's illegal to let the current ownership group stay in charge here. You can't be that bad and just keep hanging around. Not in English soccer (I'm still never going to call it football). 

All that said, I still find it hilarious this team lost after the protest. Had to play behind closed doors and still got relegated. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing from the protest. On one hand you didn't have to watch your shitty team lose again. On the other hand it's still a loss. Next up is clearly challenging the ownership to a fight in the streets. Feel like that's acceptable here.