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Reds Ownership Continues To Be Pathetic Losers - Stadium Officials Interrupt A TV Interview To Tell Fans To Take Bags Off Of Their Heads

How dumb can you be? Well, granted when it comes to Reds ownership apparently they have no idea because this is how they started the season:

And now you're interrupting a TV interview to tell 3 fans to remove bags from their heads? Hey dickhead, fans can wear whatever you want. Not their fault you're a shitty ownership group. They are there to support the team and hate you. That's checking all the boxes. I'd love to know what upside the Reds ownership thought was here. Truly, I'd love a legit answer. There are 3 fans on TV talking about how they are upset that the Reds ownership sucks. Instead of just ignoring it they send some poor stadium official to tell them to remove bags ON AIR. That's way worse than just letting them wear bags in protest. 

Let's be honest. The bag on the head, the sell the team, this is about the 500th different time we've seen this route. It's harmless. Freaking out about it is way worse. Congrats to the entire Castellini family on giving James Dolan and Peter Angelos a real run for their money as the worst owner in sports.