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The Architect of Baker Mayfield's Statue Needs To Go Back To 3rd Grade Art Class

Huh? You could give me 100 guesses and I wouldn't have gotten that this was Baker Mayfield. This statue looks like it was made by someone who has never even seen Baker Mayfield. You could unveil this for Dennis Reynolds, Robert Patrick from Terminator 2, the Villain from Too Fast Too Furious, Quinn Snyder, or even Ryan Whitney. But definitely not Baker Mayfield. Even the plaque they have for him at Oklahoma is atrocious...

Listen I hate to call for someone's job, but Oklahoma needs to fire their sculpture guy immediately. There's 650,000 third graders across the country that are doing a better job in Art class right now with play dough than what this guy is putting out here in front of the stadium. 

If it's so hard to make a statue face look like someone, why not just chisel out an Oklahoma helmet instead? You know, like how they play in helmets. I just can't imagine there's an excuse in the world as to why this statue is so far off the mark. Maybe the guy had a torn labrum but tried to play through it? I don't know, but I can't imagine Oklahoma football spares any expense on things like these? Not just Oklahoma, but any college or pro sports team in general. Which makes me question why every single statue in the world is not made by whoever made Ed Reed's Hall of Fame bust.