Right Before Elon Musk Tucked Himself Into Bed He Decided To Murder Bill Gates With A Tweet

Here I was just casually scrolling the vast interwebs on this fine saturday morning and I spit out my coffee (I was drinking some) when I saw a murder on my timeline. 

As a 36 year old man with many of the same disgusting body features as Bill Gates I felt a bit of shame, but I also laughed because it was funny. 

I went looking for context clues about why Elon would roast Bill Gates and it was because apparently Gates has a $500M short position against Tesla while also trying to get Elon to join him in a climate change philanthropic endeavor 


There you have it. THE HYPOCRISY!

I get heavy bullshit vibes from Gates. Idk...maybe it's the whole...multiple trips with Jeffrey Epstein thing. I don't trust Gates or anything he has had his hands on. Why may share a body type, but I am team Elon on this one. Boner killer bodies.