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WATCH: World Series MVP Jorge Soler Returns to Atlanta and Receives a Standing Ovation

Jorge Soler played all of 66 games for the Braves, but will forever be a legend in Atlanta. As far as I'm concerned, he's on the Mt. Rushmore of Braves in the 21st century for his heroic contributions down the stretch last season and obviously most notably in the World Series.

Now with the Marlins, Soler made his first trip back to Truist Park since his unforgettable home run in Game 6 of the 2021 World Series and received an awesome ovation before his first inning at-bat. My only complaint is it wasn't long enough. Travis d'Arnaud should have gone all the way out to the mound to talk to Kyle Wright and let every Braves fan in the ballpark hoot and holler for two minutes.

There is no praise too effusive to describe what I will always feel for Soler. That home run is the best sports memory of my life and I will always be grateful for that glorious moment.