Shout Out To The Stoolies And Minnesota Wild Fans Who Have Raised $20,000 For Chidren's Minnesota By Buying Our Hartman T-Shirt


I just want to say thank you to everyone who bought a shirt and did a good deed. Yes, the shirt is FIRE (shout out Megan, Pilar, and Allison in our merch department), but you guys ALWAYS step up for a good cause and I LOVE that about our audience. So far we have raise about $20k for a Children's Hospital in Minnesota. 

This was obviously inspired by Ryan Hartman. One of our own, who did the world a favor by giving Evander Kane the finger, and raised $30K in donations via venmo for Children's Minnesota 

I'm THRILLED with $20k, but I would love to get it to $30k as well to match Hartman and give that hospital everything we can. 

If you're from Minnesota, I don't think you can find a better shirt for a playoff series against the Blues. 

If you're from Chicago, support our local guy Hartman and his cause. 

If you're from anywhere else and want to memorialize the time someone finally told Evander Kane to fuck himself well you can get a shirt too