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Bill Murray Was Accused Of "Inappropriate Conduct" While Filming A New Aziz Ansari Movie

 Following the news that production was suspended on the Searchlight film Being Mortal, sources tell Deadline the suspension had to do with a complaint made against star Bill Murray for inappropriate behavior.

It is unknown at this time what Murray’s involvement in the project will be going forward as the investigation remains active. Insiders add that Aziz Ansari — who is starring, writing and making his directorial debut on the film alongside his partner Youree Henley — was not a part of the complaint, nor was co-star Seth Rogen.

They haven't clarified yet but I can almost guarantee you that the "inappropriate behavior" in this case was Murray being rude as fuck to someone on set. He is one of the most iconic actors in the history of comedy, but he also has the reputation of being quite the dickhead. He infamously berated Lucy Liu on the set of 'Charlie's Angels', got into physical fights with Harold Ramis and Chevy Chase AND had a ton of issues making 'What About Bob?'

Dude threw a producer into a lake over creative differences! It's never a good thing when you have an entire page dedicated to your feuds unless you are a professional wrestler.  

One person who I am sure is thrilled about this is Aziz Ansari. He is writing, directing, producing and starring in this movie which is basically his big comeback project after his "cancellation". To get a comedy legend onboard for your movie only for him to loop the narrative around it back to inappropriate conduct is quite the turn. 

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