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A Soldier Snuck Back Into Boot Camp To Sell Vapes & Then Wound Up In A High-Speed Police Chase

At 1:00:17 in today's ZeroBlog30 episode we cover the story of an industrious Army PFC who allegedly snuck back into boot camp to sell vapes to the recruits there. 

From Haley Britzky at Task & Purpose

An Army private is under investigation for an incident at Fort Lee, Virginia, which according to a series of TikTok videos he posted involved him allegedly going to the base, dressing up as a trainee, and attempting to sell vape pens to other soldiers in training on post before getting caught and leading authorities on a high-speed chase.

Pvt. Dakarai Tor, 20, explained in a series of three TikTok videos in March that he was getting kicked out of the Army over the incident, which he said was the second time he’d gone to the Army post to sell vape pens to soldiers training there. Tor said he’d previously graduated Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee before getting stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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That's the short of it, but the full details of this story are bananalands & only get crazier as they go along, so check it out on the ZBT YouTube or regular pod

It's basically the 1999 Drew Barrymore classic Never Been Kissed, but instead of sneaking back into high school to be cool & finally get kissed, he snuck back into training to make bank off young trainees desperate for nicotine. Very similar except for all of the details and the high speed police chase and losing his job at the end.