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Addressing #BoxEatingGate

Kate wrote an entire blog because I told Steven Chea I'm not running around eating box for breakfast, lunch and dinner like apparently he and everyone else is. You can read that blog HERE. 

This is my response:

Giphy Images.

Whatever, to each their own. I put a suffix + rebuttal in Kate's blog but her blog was long and I know you half wits have the attention span of gnats, so I'll repost it here. This is what I said:

I am a disgusting, abhorrent human. I know this because I am not blind and hear it from you mongrels every goddamn day. I am also single, while Steven Chea is married with one partner (I assume, who knows with that crazy bastard, maybe he's a swinger). 

So, in the off-chance that I am in a situation where I can perform cunilingalingungus on a woman, it'd be from a girl I plucked from a bar like 4 hours earlier. Chances are I don't even know her name. If her standards are so low that she'll hop into bed with ME of all people, who knows how low she's stooped? I just know my mouth ain't connecting with that vagina (such a gross word) until the 3rd or 4th 2am "what ru up to?" text is sent to her in the next few weeks to come. 

But yeah btw my penis (another gross word) is more than willing to take one for the team right off the goddamn bat

I hope you know where I'm coming from and that I've articulated this point well. Have a good weekend dickheads!

If you people can't at the very worst empathize with my stance after reading my response to this "saga", then I really might be a crazy person that needs to be institutionalized because it's the most honest, sincere thing I've ever said and I feel like almost EVERYONE should be thinking to themselves, "ya know… WSD actually DOES have a point here…"

Smitty and I are in Caldera right now talking shop. Let's ride: