The Jazz Unveiled Their New Jerseys And They Are DISGUSTINGLY HORRIFIC

Holy shit I'm trying not to overreact but these jerseys stink. They would be the worst in all of pro sports. It's basically like the JV version of Baylor yet somehow worse because it's Utah. Everything about the Jazz doesn't make sense. They don't have Jazz in Utah. They once had pure looking jerseys.

Focus On Sport. Getty Images.

Even the mountain jerseys were cool and I'm happy they are bringing them back.

Rocky Widner. Getty Images.

And now this? 


It was reported back in October they were changing colors (via Fox 13)

The Utah Jazz are apparently set to get a new look, and jettison a ton of colors fans are accustomed to seeing on the court at Vivint Arena.

At a Silicon Slopes event Wednesday, owner Ryan Smith said the future of the Jazz brand will be based on the colors black and white.

Here's what's even worse. The reasoning. Look at this! 

Smith said he is making the change after a conversation he had with minority owner Dwyane Wade, who claimed his mother couldn't figure out what the Jazz colors were.

“I’ll never forget when you called me and you were like, ‘Hey, my mom wants to know what the Jazz colors are, and we can’t figure it out,’” Smith said.

I'm color-blind and even I could figure it out. The Jazz are purple, yellow and green. That's it. Use all those variations. Or go purple and white or yellow and green. Those are the only two options. I don't know if these leaked jerseys are locked in yet or not, but they should see the feedback and go with something different. Basically anything else works.

That's unless Donovan Mitchell wants out and goes to the Knicks. Then keep them.