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Is The Met Gala Red Carpet Even Worth Watching If Zendaya Isn't Coming?

The 2022 Met Gala will have to go on without Zendaya.

The Euphoria actress, 25, revealed in a recent interview with Extra that she would once again be skipping the annual fashion-forward fête in New York City due to work obligations.

"I hate to disappoint my fans here, but I will be working," said Zendaya. "Your girl's gotta work and make some movies ... I wish everyone the best."

Adding that she'd also "be playing tennis," Zendaya said of the Met Gala, "I'll be back eventually."

Zendaya, Queen of the Red Carpet, won't be attending this year's Met Gala because ya girl's gotta work. She's currently filming a tennis movie in Boston, which I'm sure will be amazing and worth missing one single look on a red carpet for a charity event, but still. WE WANNA SEE WHAT SHE WOULD WEAR! If you're into fashion, and into the Met Gala, you know this generally sucks. We love to see celebrities on parade, in theme, and Zendaya has crushed every single outfit she's ever put on. We all love to marvel at her beauty. WHAT'S THE POINT OF EVEN WATCHING?!

Also, yes, you are correct, "the met gala did just happen." Usually, every year, on the first Monday in May, we get the Gala. Last year it was postponed because of COVID, and they had it in the fall of 2021. So yes, we've been spoiled with many fashions this year, and still we find something to complain about. Personally, I'm still excited, but I won't pretend losing an A-list fashion bitch isn't a big blow, ESPECIALLY considering she 100% would've walked the carpet with Tom Holland. Today, we weep.