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I'm Trying To Get My Hands On Some Space Weed ASAP

Cosmonauts may one day be producing medical-grade marijuana in space.

Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recently spoke to Futurism about the future of growing cannabis plants in space.

Hadfield, who has spent time on both the Russian space station Mir and the International Space Station (ISS), believes that someday medical marijuana may be a thing in space.

He made his point by adding that mind-altering substances have always been a part of human nature.

“People have been chewing on mushrooms and various types of roots and berries for forever. There’s always a role in society or human behavior for that,” he added.

 (Original interview above)

Not enough resources on Earth for humans to live? Head to Space. Want to discover new life on other planets because Earth lives aren't cutting it? Head to Space. Not enough land on Earth to grow that dank weed? HEAD TO SPACE. I don't want to be speaking ill of our home base today, it being Earth Day and all, but I've officially started to understand the value of Space. No wonder Elon Musk is trying so hard.

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What could Space weed be like? I'm not going to sit around and pretend I can handle any amount of cannabis without having to lay on my back on the floor for a few hours, but something about this synthetically grown, highly controlled devil's lettuce piques my interest. Of course, you have to worry about the astronauts overindulging...they are at work, after all:

At the present moment, astronauts cannot afford to be intoxicated or inebriated in space, Hadfield said, but as space tourism grows, so might the feasibility of recreational drug use in the cosmos.

“On the space station, if there’s an emergency, you are the fire department. You can’t have intoxicated yourself or inebriated yourself or whatever, just because if something goes wrong, then you’ll die,” Hadfield said.

“Once the population gets large enough, once you get to a stable enough situation, people are gonna want, you know, a drink. People are gonna want some pot,” he added.

Buzzkills. Nothing like being a little loosey goosey at your desk, amiright? Maybe someone at work is celebrating and they pass around a few cups of champagne. You're telling me that they don't celebrate in Space? This man Hadfield is right; people are gonna want to drink, and people are gonna want to smoke. Imagine being sober in the one place that everyone gets obliterated out of their minds, before thinking deeply about? 

However, Sobel did note that “once cannabis becomes federally legal across the USA,” the company’s technology “may present a breakthrough from a biological science perspective”.

The unique microgravity environment in space may even produce medical-grade cannabis that’s more effective than what we grow on Earth.

"Space weed might be better than Earth weed" uh, ya think? We get it. If you read between the lines here, synthetically growing plants in Space is a HUGE idea that will obviously help the world one day in a billion years when we're all dead. All they needed to do to light a fire under these scientist asses, is to let them go through the trials and tribulations of learning how to grow a plant they care about. Looking forward to lighting up a joint that will literally and figuratively send me to Mars.