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Golf Guy: Taylor Moore Was In The ER With Food Poisoning, Showed Up The Next Day To Help His Team Shoot -12 At The Zurich Classic

[Source] - “I was in the ER yesterday morning,” Moore said after he and NeSmith shot a 12-under 60 in Four ball to grab the lead. “I had food poisoning Tuesday night up until midday yesterday. So just got an IV and some nausea medicine. Finally ate something this morning, which was nice.

“Got into a little rhythm there at the end, which was cool. But no more Cajun for the next couple days, but some soup sounds pretty good at the moment.”

I love the Zurich Classic. It's a nice break from the typical 4 round, solo events. The two man team event just does it for me to mix it up .I wish we could find another tournament or two to help break up the golf season like we get with Match Play and this. But this is about Taylor Moore. Dude gets food poisoning and has to go to the ER. No biggie, get a little IV and show up the next day to shoot -12 and just 1 back of Cantlay and Xander.

Not too shabby.

Except for the no cajun food thing. Cajun food is fucking delicious. Crawfish etouffee? Sign me up every day of the week. Mix in some jumbalaya, gumbo, boils, etc and it's unreal. That's a brutal beat when you're in New Orleans and can't eat the good stuff. New Orleans is made to get drunk and eat food. Those are two of the biggest selling points for the city. The third being watching Ben Mintz swing a club. 

Brutal beat to beat food poisoning and not have the lead. Cantlay and Xander are just too good. They were awesome together in President's Cup and Ryder Cup. They have to be our staple team going forward for those events. Poor Taylor Moore is out here battling shitting himself only to be 1 back going into the 2nd round. Grit personified though.