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Security Stopped Another Crazy Ass Bird Protest During The Wolves Game And That's Exactly Why They Blew A 20-Point Lead

I've made one thing very clear here in my 7+ years blogging here. I like tradition. I believe in tradition. That being said, this is precisely why the Wolves blew a 20+ point lead. Look, numbers don't lie. The Wolves are 2-0 when there's been a crazy ass protest. 

We all agree these bird protestors are batshit crazy. They are there for us to make fun of them. That said, the Wolves need to embrace them. You embrace Pat Bev and his antics, embrace the looney characters running onto the court with chains and glue. See what they bring next honestly. Tie a cement block around the hoop? Who knows? I want to see just how crazy these losers can get. 

Now sure we can clearly blame KAT disappearing last night and being in foul trouble. We can blame the lack of timeouts. We can blame Pat Bev going 0-for-5 from three. We can blame the defensive breakdowns especially on high PnR. But no. It's simply the security who broke tradition. 

Let these idiots chain themselves to the basket. I vote you keep playing. Make it a true home court advantage and see if these morons still do it as Ja Morant comes flying at them. Either that or they have to fight Steven Adams. I think fair is fair. But if you're security you have to sleep knowing you played a role in the loss.