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Umpire Phil Cuzzi Tried To Bully Jazz Chisholm Jr. To Get Back Into The Box....Chisholm Told Him To Chill And Then Proceeded To Murder The Next Ball He Saw

What a baller move here by Jazz Chisholm Jr. Phil Cuzzi, a noted ump show guy, was trying to bully Chisholm to get into the box to get the game moving, Jazz wasn't having any of that. Telling an ump to chill is such a great move, lord knows Cuzzi hated that. Probably had it in his mind that he was calling the next pitch a strike regardless of where it was. You had Yadi back there begging his pitcher to throw that as Chisholm and Cuzzi were going at it because Cuzzi said the pitcher could throw it. For some reason he waited for Jazz to get back in the box and boy was that a bad move. Jazz pummeled this ball into the seats and admired it for a second. We got the euro step right in Cuzzi's face and you know that had to piss him off. 

Gotta love how Jazz stood his ground, wanted to take his time getting into the box and didn't let the umpire boss him around. Then he got rewarded for his patience at the plate. Pretty funny scene with Yadi telling the pitcher to hurry up. Didn't work though. 

And as is tradition we had old, crusty people getting mad at young athletes for celebrating their accomplishments. A guy replied to the video of Jazz hitting the euro step by saying "drill him". Very normal thing for a grown man to tweet at a player. Jazz fired back at him with the best comeback you possibly can, "drill ya mama".

Never change Jazz, keep it up. What's not to love about this guy?