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The New York Mets Are Good And I Am Happy.

Craig Ruttle. Shutterstock Images.

Another series over, another series won, and the New York Metropolitans are the first team in all of baseball with double digit wins after taking down the big bad San Francisco Giants. How fucking beautiful is that sentence? Beautiful enough to do a double dip of We Gotta Believe today where we recapped the first three Giants games before a post-series win episode with callers reactions.


I have a calendar on my iPhone, so I know it's April, even though months haven't felt real in two full years. And I have hundreds of Mets scars on my soul, so I know how quickly everything can go to shit in tragically comical fashion. But goddamn if this team doesn't feel a little bit different. Probably because they have an owner who actually doesn't mind spending money, a manager who knows what the fuck he is doing, starting pitching that is CRUISING despite not having the best pitcher on Earth, a bullpen that somehow hasn't allowed a run the last five games, and an offense that actually makes baseball fun to watch.

Did I mention our $341 million man is actually playing like an MVP candidate? No? Well that is happening too. At least the Lindorks had the first two months of last season. May God have mercy on their souls.

JK, fuck'em!

I also gotta shout out Gary for saying fuck the Yankees in his own special way as SNY continues to shove the NY part of their name down our throats.

No matter what the Frank The Tanks say, this season feels special. The team. The fans. Even the merch we've been pumping out has been pretty decent if I do say so myself.




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