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Miguel Cabrera Collects Hit #3,000 In Front Of The Home Fans At Comerica Park

One of the best hitters of all-time has 3,000 hits to his name. Seeing the former Triple Crown winner and two time MVP collect hit number 3,000 at Comerica Park was a beautiful moment. Seeing Comerica excited and happy for a player who has brought an entire generation of fans joy was an incredible sight. I love seeing Tigers fans happy, and you're simply living in fantasy land if you believe that 3,000 hits aren't an insane accomplishment. Seeing him cross that threshold was an iconic moment, something I'd like to see more of at Comerica Park. It’s been a long time since it’s been that loud.

What makes this accomplishment so unique is that we probably won't see 3,000 hits again for a very long time. There are two active players now with 3,000 or more hits. Albert Pujols currently leads the way at the top of that list, and Miguel Cabrera is second, but there's a steep drop-off after that. 39-year-old Robinson Cano is currently third among active players with 2,629 hits. Even if, by some miracle, he ends up getting to 3,000, his legacy will forever be tarnished due to multiples PED suspensions. After that, I don't see anyone from this current batch of players getting there. The fact that a hitter like Miguel Cabrera existed, let alone in an era where strikeouts and walks are more prevalent, proves how special of a talent he's been. Sadly, you can't help but wonder where he'd be if injuries didn't cut short what was one of the most dominant primes that any hitter has ever had. But I'm being cynical. We can always talk about what could've been, but it's more fun to accept what has been. We've been lucky enough to see Miggy, and now he has 3,000 hits to show for it. Congrats to one of the best.