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The Atomic Wedgie Is The Most Disrespectful Thing You Can Do To Someone

On yesterday's episode of the Bracket Nick, KB, Coley, Cheah, Tommy, Owen and I had to decide what the most disrespectful move is. Among many of the options was the superteam of high school bully moves in Noogies, Swirlies and Atomic Wedgies. Do swirlies ever happen outside of movies? Not really. Do Noogies happen outside of rundown sets? Sure, and they're mostly friendly. But Atomic Wedgies, man, those are another level. 

They might be as fake as swirlies, but they are way more devastating. Mostly because of this story: 

I truly cannot fathom a worse way to die than getting atomic wedgied to death by your large adult stepson. Plus, atomic wedgies could also be followed up by being hung by your underwear on a hook, flagpole etc. bearing your shame for all to see. 

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