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Godzilla vs King Kong Is Coming To Warzone On May 11th And The Trailer Looks INSANE

Chills. This looks absolutely insane...

King Kong vs Godzilla is coming to Warzone on May 11th in Operation Monarch! 

With the event, we'll also be getting some pretty sick weapon skins:

It's a pretty random collab for Warzone to have, but it seems like it has the potential to be really cool if it's well done. 

What I'm most curious at is if it'll be a cutscene like when the Warzone nuke exploded Downtown or more of a Krampus style event where King Kong and Godzilla are fighting mid-Warzone match.

So almost a year ago today, I wasn't the biggest fan of the live event in Warzone. We get nuked…just to go back in time? Still doesn't make sense to me, but with the live event came some good weapon adjustments for the time being. I'm hoping this time around, the live event will be much better - we can't be having server stability issues like last time. Just simply can't happen.

So, what do we think the live event will be? Cutscene or fighting alongside the mayhem of Kong vs Godzilla?

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