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The Austin FC/San Antonio FC Match Gave Us The Rare But Perfectly Executed Double Flop

Goddamnit I can't stop laughing at how bad this is. Yes also this is going to lead to a lot of typical soccer type responses. I have no defense to this one. It's an unreal double flop that was executed to perfection. The best part was actually the hype to the flop. I thought it was going to be when they tangled up in the corner right after the throw-in. But nope. It's the fake headbutt with minimal contact and both go down like they were speared by Goldberg. Also love how they both grab the same part of their face. Mix it up a little bit fellas. Don't be afraid to grab an eye or your chest or something. Sell it a little even more. 

And yeah, hey, I don't hide the fact I'm a soccer guy. Played it forever, watched it forever. At some point this is going to happen and I can't even spinzone it. Stop flopping as bad as this. Just fight. Make a headbutt land and then go down. That said, if you can't laugh at how bad this is I don't even want to know you. T's and P's to the injured fellas. I'm sure they sat out the rest of the match and went right to the ER.