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ASAP Rocky Was Arrested

ASAP is expecting his first baby with Rihanna any day now and he cannot catch a break...

On April 20th, ASAP flew from Barbados to LAX where he was greeted by cops and taken away in handcuffs.

Sources are telling the public that ASAP was arrested for an alleged shooting that took place back in November of 2021. Law enforcement told TMZ that ASAP is being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon with a gun and An Alleged victim is claiming ASAP shot them 3-4 times. 

At this time all this is all we know about the alleged shooting. ASAP and Rhianna have not come forward with any statements but sources tell us that ASAP rocky has been released from the LAPD, an investigation is happening and ASAP will be booked soon. 

Now if you guys don’t remember. Just last week rumors filled the internet that ASAP cheated on Rhianna with a shoe designer that has worked with the couple and the two have split. Since those rumors came out, both parties have made its pretty clear that these are JUST rumors. From posts on IG stories that set the record straight to Rhianna and ASAP seen enjoying each others company in Barbados; the couple seems fine. But Rhianna is now in her third trimester and expecting their baby soon so we will be interested to see how this whole situation will effect her upcoming birth. 

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