Charles Barkley Guarantees The Toronto Maple Leafs Will Win A Playoff Series This Year, Which Guarantees He'll Look Like A Bozo In May

Oh no, Chuck. Buddy....what are you doing to yourself here? I know the Chuck guarantee is mostly just a meme at this point but still. You can't be staking your reputation to a group like the Leafs. 

These are guys who know they get paid to play 82 games per year. Guys who know that point totals only count during the regular season. Once they're done with those 82 games? Who gives a shit? The boys have some Bieber concerts to catch in the summer. Bieber already scheduled a couple of concerts at Scotiabank Arena for June 7 and 8 which would be right around the same time as the Eastern Conference Finals. So clearly the Leafs don't see themselves getting that far. 

A first round exit in 2017 after 6 games against the Caps. A first round exit in 2018 after 7 games against the Bruins. Another 7 game exit against the Bruins in 2019. They lost in the qualifying round in the 2020 bubble. And then a first round exit last year in 7 games against the Habs. As it stands right now, the Leafs would either have the 2x reigning Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round, or they'd have to go up against the same Bruins that have bounced them from the playoffs in 2 out of the past 4 years. 

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I just hate to see a world renowned journalist lose all his credibility to no fault of his own. I mean where are we going to be as a society when the Chuck Guarantee is essentially worthless from here on out, all because the Toronto Maple Leafs are the biggest group of underachieving losers in the game? 3 guys on the roster making 8 figures, 0 playoff series wins since 2004. Can't make this stuff up. Sorry, Chuck. But you have until…May 13th to call off the guarantee.