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EBR Has Boots On The Ground In Ft. Lauderdale For Beers, Beach, And Winning On The Panthers.

Just like the song goes “ I have been everywhere man, I have been everywhere!!” and I am going to pass this knowledge on to the great fans of Barstool by using experiences.  But let us be serious, this blog is mostly about winning money.  We will give you a bet on the local team that will make you money and add fun facts about some of the great cities around the world. For all the stat people in the crowd, I have played in 18 countries and have been to 33 total. Check the game notes!! 

The Panthers are an absolute wagon with a chance to make a run to the Cup Finals. Fans will be heading to South Florida all playoffs so it was essential for the Chiclets Concierge to make this our next stop. With the All-Star game announced for next season, this will come in handy then as well.

LocationFort Lauderdale, Florida 

Hotel:  Lodging is always important on a trip but the location is most important on this trip. like Vanilla Ice said “A1A beachfront Avenue.” 

Bar: Elbo Room - Established in 1938 a landmark in Fort Lauderdale. This no-frills bar is a melting pot of different patrons. On an average day while having 3 beers a person can interact with a fishing boat worker, a 90-year-old man that can give a complete history and hockey fans from around the globe. The vibe is unreal and beers are cold but bring cash since no tabs are the law of the land.

Transportation:  The Water Taxi is a great way to jump around the Inter-coastal from bar to bar while enjoying a few cocktails along the way.

Sports and Food:  Bokampers on the Inter-coastal is the best sports bar in South Florida, if you are here on an NFL Sunday make your reservation early.

Local Team: Florida Panthers - Began playing in the NHL in 1993-94 and have made one Stanley Cup Finals appearance, will this year be the 2nd?

Murls' Best Bet:  Chiclets Concierge plays are currently 6-1!!!

Florida/ Detroit over 7 -112 Barstool Sportsbook

Florida -2 -167 Barstool Sportsbook

This guide to Ft. Lauderdale is for the EBR Crew and Chiclets Nation. When you have  a chance get down here and enjoy some of these great spots, but save some Pink Whitney for my next visit, Everybody Rides!!!

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Instagram: murls_ebr