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The Johnny Depp Trial Has Finally Reached The Moment Amber Heard Took A Dump In Their Bed

One of the weirdest things to come out during the fallout of Depp and Heard's breakup was easily the time she took a big fat dump in their shared bed. If you never saw, you can see the pic HERE. Just really weird and nasty shit. It was also one of the pieces of evidence that really flipped his instant "cancellation" on it's head. Anyway, a blockbuster actress being forced to recall the time she shidded the bed as an act of revenge in a nationally televised trial is one of the funniest things I can possibly think of. 

Oh and the best thing about this was Depp's delivery of the line. Dramatic pauses out the wazoo through the entire thing like a true pro's pro. "It was………human fecal matter". God damn man, that's just good stuff. 

With Fantastic Beasts 3, which he was set to star in before WB replaced him with Mads Mikkelson, coming out to the worst opening weekend of the Harry Potter franchise, this couldn't be happening at a better time for Depp. If you've followed any of my blogs on the subject, you know that I think he came out of that situation with win win win. Warner Brothers ate a ton of shit for firing him, Depp gained even more sympathy in the court of public opinion and, most importantly, he was paid his full $10 Million dollar contract to NOT be part of a garbage movie.

You can find our full review of that garbage movie, as well as a harry potter draft, below.