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A Congressman From Alabama Perfectly Explains How Corruption In D.C. Actually Works And The Price Tag Is $1,000,000

All of your worst fears about Washington just confirmed by Mo Brooks of Alabama. You want a big job and power in Congress? No problem! All it will cost you is a million bucks from whichever special interest group needs to squash legislation about regulation or pass a bill that fuck over millions of Americans for the personal gain of a few companies with cash to burn because they're not paying taxes. 

This was an astonishing video. Not because of what he said. I think most cynics in America assume a certain level of corruption. It's just that the corruption is supposed to be like scenes out of movies. Smoke filled rooms, winks, nods, bags of cash dropped, handshake deals, etc. NOPE. It is nothing like we see at the movies. It's like we see at a retail store. Just a straight up published price list on a pamphlet. A nice little brochure telling customers (lobbyists) exactly what they get for their money. You want power over the most powerful committees in American Government? No problem, just write a quick check for a million bucks and that Congressional member who shook your hand and kissed your baby will sell his vote. 

Where does your money go when you pay taxes? That is impossible to figure out, but every day it seems more and more likely that your tax dollars go to literally fuck yourself. I don't know what the answer is, but this is completely fucked.