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VIDEO: Eagle Hunts Deer

The symbiosis between man and beast has always fascinated me to the degree that it falls on the level of magic or mysticism. Beastmasters have always been the earmarks of a successful civilization. I am always a huge fan of animals, as rick ross once said, "Were shootin in the gym" with us during our struggle as mankind to reach the civilization we are today. Dogs, Horses, Eagles, Pigeons, and even Cats (who really domesticated us) are all in my good graces of animals that helped me sit here on a computer and use the world wide web. We put animals on a scale of those we would eat and those we wouldn't on this scale of who is less useful as food. The animals that helped us achieve our spot as top predators. The bond between man and beast is an incredible story of the earth as an organism within itself. A multirelational being made up of multicellular organisms. An orchestra of carbon beings acting in unison. 

Life is beautiful