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WILD VIDEO: Texas Juco Pitcher Goldberg Spears A Batter After He Gives Up A Go-Ahead Homer

Whoooooa buddy. Easy there, can't just spear anyone you want on a baseball diamond. I know Texas is kind of the Wild Wild West, but this is something you can't do. Guy gives up a go-ahead homer in a juco game and obviously didn't like something the batter did and decided he had to do something. What he did is do his best Goldberg imitation and spear the batter into the ground.  That is a hell of a hit, didn't lean with his head, but as a pitcher you don't really want to lead with your shoulder. There must be something going way back with these guys, or the batter unleashed the best shit talking ever. I mean I've never seen this. It didn't even look like the batter was talking crap around the bases, the pitcher just lost it. The batter wasn't even looking either, got completely blindsided. And where is the third base coach to warn him? How about a yell or something? You saw how quick his teammates were to get out there, how did no one alert the batter before he almost got decapitated. The field umpire is just holding his hand out like that would stop him. I'm shocked this went down like it did. And the batter getting up with his head attached and doing his celebration while touching home plate is a boss move, that is how you finish it,

Everything really is bigger in Texas, including overreactions from pitchers. Doesn't seem like this was a state final, or to go to the playoffs or whatever. Just a wild scene, I can't ever remember seeing something like this on a baseball field, pitcher spearing a batter who hit a bomb off of him. It also took the other team a little bit to get out there, what does that say about the pitcher? Guy really didn't want his ERA to go up. Laugh out loud funny how shook up the announcer was too, he didn't know what to say.