Netflix Stocks Tank as Elon Musk Taunts it for Going Woke

ODD ANDERSEN. Getty Images.

In case you didn't know - and since I want our relationship to be built on a foundation of trust, I'll tell you I found this out about a week ago from my financial people - the stock market is entirely dominated by five tech companies. Which are referred to with the acronym FAANG. The are: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. I'm not sure exactly where Twitter is on that list. Maybe if you expanded it to six companies, it would be FATANG. Or maybe it would take a dozen letters to work them in and it doesn't spell anything clever so they don't bother. I have no idea. I leave that to the people who hopefully won't steal my life's savings and have me greeting at a Walmart when I'm 90. 

What I do know is that Elon Musk has twisted brains into balloon animals all across Twitter, Inc. by hinting he might hostilely take it over:

And now he's taking on one of the FAANG Five. Not financially. At least not yet. But just with that above Tweet. The world's richest man has shook one of the world's richest tech giants to its foundation for mocking their wokeness. 

Source - Elon Musk has slammed 'unwatchable' Netflix for becoming infected by the 'woke mind virus' as the streaming giant hemorrhages subscribers.

The US company lost 200,000 users between January and March this year, a quarterly report announced yesterday, causing shares to plummet by 25 per cent, with a further 2million subscribers set to leave by June.

The service is now proposing introducing adverts and stopping password sharing to stem the exodus, which it is trialing in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru in a bid to clamp down on the estimated 10million households who use someone else's account. …

Though Netflix has released a variety of recent hits including Squid Game, Bridgerton, Sex Education, it has also produced 'woke' content such as He's Expecting, which depicts a man who becomes pregnant. 

The company had also been forced to borrow $16billion in a decade to cover its productions and business costs.  

Responding to a tweet about the subscription service's devastating performance, Musk said: 'The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.'

A follower then responded: 'Woke mind virus is the biggest threat to the civilization.'

The world's richest man replied to him: 'Yes.'


While I’m not insisting there’s a direct cause-and-effect happening here - Netflix problems didn’t start with that Tweet - you have to hand it to him, that’s still a pretty impressive display of power. Musk swings his dick to his 80 million followers and the major media entity of our age loses a quarter of it’s worth.

And that’s not all a coincidence. He doesn’t much care for their movies about pregnant dudes or whatever, and Wall Street bails on Netflix stock. Incredible. Imagine for a hot second you held in your hands the power to collapse the worth of a gigantic corporation. This eccentric little oddball from South Africa actually does. The lions in their dens tremble at the sound of his approach. 

You’ve got to admit, he has absolutely lapped the field in the World’s Most Interesting Man competition. Now if he could just Tweet out that he’s a fan of Barstool posts about him, our stock would take off and maybe I could OWN Walmart.